My mind is racing in confusion,
so scared to speak a word.
My mouth starts to move,
but a word was unheard.
My heart racing so fast,
love comes to mind,
tears in my heart
that couldn’t begin to speak the pain,
but every time I see you,
I remember that sweet kiss you put upon my face.
A love that never begins to fade away
’cause my heart calls out your name,
repeating the pain I caused you every day,
but my desire is to love you – til death do us part,
but that same question still remains in my heart.
Even though you are gone, I can’t let you go.
I have so many things I want you to know.
I’m not trying to hide in tears,
but I only had a few years.
I’m sorry I didn’t show you my love,
but I’m not ready to travel or give up.
I need you by my side
so you again can be mine.
I want you to grow old along with me;
the best is yet to be,
so bless the memories within your heart.
Please don’t forget about them and tear them apart.
I’m sorry I hurt you; I know now I was wrong,
but remember, we all stumble.
Every one of us does wrong,
so will you give me your hand,
and help me through this too?
I know you’re still hurt, and I’m sorry for that too.
Maybe one day you’ll realize it’s true.
It’s coming,
coming from my heart to you. 🎃